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About Us

Welcome To Essential Pride

We are Jillian and Chris, a lesbian couple, mothers to a beautiful 14-year old daughter and already successful business owners. We were determined to create something to show love and light to ALL people so, in 2020, right at the height of the pandemic, we started a new kind of company and named it Essential Pride.

Most of our friends thought we were absolutely crazy to start this when we did, but as the world around us became such a different place we decided to do something fun and to shed a little light in these dark times. That’s when Essential Pride was born. Essential Pride is a unique company that sells hand blended, 100% natural essential oils with hilarious labels that will make you laugh and bring some levity to your life. We also make one-of-a-kind handmade gifts that promote empowerment and equality.

We believe that Pride is essential. It is important to feel proud of who you are and what you believe in. We are extremely passionate about helping people and want to do something that makes a difference. LGBTQ+ rights, Black Lives Matter, and Women Empowerment are just a few things we stand for and support.

Stand with us! Connect with us! We look forward to chatting with you!